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Blending perfectly into the landscape, the Lodge offers a peaceful paradise of Cycladic simplicity and elegance and the perfect base for exploring the amazing natural beauty of the island while living in understated luxury. Draw energy and inspiration from the unique natural power source of the island and discover signature experiences where the senses are heightened.

Boat Trips

The best way to explore Milos and its archipelago of nearby islands is by sea. On our private boat, visit the famous caves of Kleftiko and Sykia, both accessible only by sea. Then snorkel in the amazing blue waters of Polyegos, the most beautiful desert island in Greece and have lunch by the water in nearby tiny Kimolos. Return to Milos as the sun slips beyond the desert island of Andimilos. Encounter amazing wildlife along the way, the area is a sanctuary for bottle nose dolphins, cormorans, endangered caretta caretta sea turtles and one of only two habitats in Greece of the highly endangered monachus monachus seals.

Underground Hot Springs

Snorkel and enjoy a natural spa. Spot the bubbles of natural underground sulphur springs and sense the geothermal energy of the sparkling blue waters just below your villa. Have a natural spa in the ancient ruins of Skinopi just below the sea.


Windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, sailing, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving can all be arranged upon request.


Hike to the top of Nichia. This hiking trail leads to the archeological area of Nichia, the site of the ancient opsidian mine and factory. The whole area is scattered with the remnants of the ancient mining activity dating back to 3,000 BC. You can see scores of obsidian made ancient arrows and tools abandoned millennia ago. Spectacular views of the island and the lodge from above.


Private yoga sessions are available upon request. Choose the privacy of the patio in your villa or find your own personal heaven in a secluded spot in our property, immersed in nature. Follow with a massage in the shade of your patio, surrounded by nothing but the sound of the sea just below your villa and the fragrance of the herbs in your garden. Please book all wellness sessions in advance.

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